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The key to keeping up winter soup hype: soup crunchies! This Sweet Potato and Apple soup is taken to another level when topped with wild rice, crispy kale chips, and other crunchy bites. Add this soup from Chef Steph to your own menu ASAP.

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Creamy Sweet Potato and Apple Soup with Wild Rice, Kale Chips, and Crunchy Bits

  • 1 stick butter

  • 4 tablespoons olive oil

  • 1 onion sliced into ½-inch rings

  • 5 garlic cloves peeled

  • 2 large sweet potatoes peeled

  • 2 apples peeled

  • 1 large potato peeled and quartered

  • 1 teaspoon dry chili flakes

  • 2 to 4 cups veggie broth (depends on desired consistency)

  • Salt and pepper

  • 1 bunch scallions, sliced thinly

  • 1 cup wild rice, cooked

  • 3 Fresno chilies, sliced thinly

  • 1 cup dry roasted peanuts

  • 1 bunch lacinto kale, washed, dried very well, and cut into ribbons.

For the soup crunchies:

  1. Heat an oven to 375 degrees and line 2 baking trays with parchment paper.

  2. Melt half a stick of butter in a small pot. Place the scallions, rice, chilies and peanuts in a large bowls, and drizzle half the butter over everything to coat. Add a pinch of salt and pepper, mix, and pour out onto one of the baking trays.

  3. Add the kale to the same large bowl, coat with the rest of the butter and a pinch of salt and pepper, and pour out onto the other baking tray, separating all the ribbons into one layer. Do not crowd.

  4. Bake both trays in the oven, mixing the ingredients every 7 minutes or so, to encourage even browning. Remove from the oven once each tray is nicely toasted. Set aside.

For the soup:

  1. In a medium-sized pot, sauté butter, olive oil, onion, and garlic on low-medium flame until onion becomes translucent.

  2. Add sweet potatoes, apples, potato, and chili flakes. Mix, cover and cook until everything becomes tender (about 30-45 minutes). Let cool slightly.
    Use a stick blender to puree the soup until smooth.

  3. Stir in broth until it reaches desired consistency. Add salt, pepper, and chili flakes to taste, check for seasoning, and allow to simmer for 20 minutes. Serve hot and garnish with some kale chips and soup crunchies.

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About the Chef

Stephanie Goldfarb is a Chicago-based chef and national food television personality specializing in seasonal, globally-inspired cuisine. Recognized as the winner of Food Network’s America’s Best Cook competition, and a celebrity chef on Kitchen Inferno and NBC’s Food Fighters, Goldfarb delivers unique and relatable culinary experiences to discriminating and casual diners alike. As the owner of the successful Seven Species Supper Club & Catering, she enjoys the challenge of building brand new menus each month that inspire both repeat clients and newcomers, and seeks opportunities to utilize new ingredients, techniques, and approaches in accessible ways.