Spinach, for those “healthy halo” seekers

Spinach is one of those chameleon greens that seems to fit in well wherever it shows up. It is delicate in flavor, so it can absorb other big ones like garlic, onions, artichokes, and even fruit when it is blended into smoothies. Spinach is also not what we call a “sturdy” vegetable. Mountains of it can disappear in minutes when sautéed or steamed. But this can be an incredibly good thing when blending it seamlessly into dips and spreads. Try sautéing a few cups of spinach in olive oil, garlic, and chilies until all the water evaporates, and then processing the whole mix with a cup of high-quality olive oil to produce an emerald oil perfect for salad dressings or garnishing grilled shrimp. Spinach is incredibly high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, making it a go-to for “healthy halo” seekers. I love floating handfuls of fresh spinach into great pots of Italian wedding soup right before it’s time to eat. The leaves wilt down so tenderly and add a gorgeous, earthy mouthfeel. One of my favorite spinach dishes is Japanese Gomae, succulently boiled and packed spinach covered in incredibly smooth sesame sauce. It’s a lovely starter to any meal, or perfect as a snack on its own. 

About the Chef

Stephanie Goldfarb is a Chicago-based chef and national food television personality specializing in seasonal, globally-inspired cuisine. Recognized as the winner of Food Network’s America’s Best Cook competition, and a celebrity chef on Kitchen Inferno and NBC’s Food Fighters, Goldfarb delivers unique and relatable culinary experiences to discriminating and casual diners alike. As the owner of the successful Seven Species Supper Club & Catering, she enjoys the challenge of building brand new menus each month that inspire both repeat clients and newcomers, and seeks opportunities to utilize new ingredients, techniques, and approaches in accessible ways.