A Community Outreach for those Impacted by Harvey

Dear Produce Alliance Community,

Today we sadly watch as Hurricane Harvey continues to ravage the residents of the entire Southeast Texas region. As this area continues to suffer under catastrophic and life-threatening flood conditions, we are reaching out to you as members of the Produce Alliance community to help us collaborate with Brent Erenwert (President of Brothers Produce – Houston, one of Produce Alliance’s Member houses), and our own Barbara Hulick, Produce Alliance’s Director of Food Safety, who is also based out of Houston.  As they witness first-hand the devastation, displacement and fear that are up-ending their neighborhoods, we’ve asked Barb and Brent to guide us in understanding how we can best provide meaningful help. 

Barb and Brent’s real-time updates have shone the light on the specific needs of their communities, which are losing homes, schools, and livelihoods by the hour.  As levees are breaking, and families are forced out, Barb and Brent are seeking the best on the ground support for their communities, and have asked for our help.  As a result, Produce Alliance is seeking contributions which will be made directly into the communities most impacted by this devastating weather event; Brent and Barbara are providing us with invaluable insight into the community organizations best situated to provide an immediate lifeline to those most deeply displaced. 

Please consider making a contribution to this emergency fund by electronic payment to the PA Foundation through the link below.  The PA Foundation is Produce Alliance’s charitable foundation created to gather monetary resources and supplies of all types for the purpose of supporting those in need.  Produce Alliance and the PA Foundation will continue to work directly with Brent and Barb to establish the best possible local uses for these funds to sustain life and re-structure communities.  Please know that all donors will be apprised of a detailed accounting of exactly how these contributions are being put to use to help those in the most imminent need.  

Please consider helping in any way you can.  As Brent and Barbara can attest, the damage is ongoing and the need is desperate. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Melissa Melshenker Ackerman at (847) 738-2253


The Houston Food Bank has reached out to the entire Produce Alliance network for immediate help.  Judy Henrichson, Agriculture Industry Manager of the Houston Food Bank contacted Produce Alliance this afternoon, seeking donations of product and monetary assistance for the 600 agencies it services across Houston and 18 counties in the region.  She describes their need as desperate; please read on to see how you can help.
Due to the dire nature of this widespread crisis, Judy has asked that we encourage direct contributions to this organization - http://www.houstonfoodbank.org/get-involved/harvey-disaster-relief/.  The Houston Food Bank is a fully accredited 501(c)(3) entity able to provide any documentation needed, including receipts to all donors.  Judy has urged us to share this opportunity to donate not only monetary support, but also fresh produce of all kinds.   Federal Tax incentives for produce donations have been published by the federal government and can be provided if you need them.  Additionally, if you would like assistance with the logistics of getting product to the Houston Food Bank, you can reach out directly

Judy Henrichsen
Houston Food Bank
Office: (713) 547- 8673
Direct: (832) 731-9436

Brent Erenwert
President of Brothers Produce
(713) 924-4038
(281) 830-6323

Brent will be available to assist in getting product to Judy and the facilities she manages. 

Produce Alliance has been moved to action to support this community based organization and has made a $5,000 direct donation to keep Houston area citizens sustained until conditions improve.  While the PA Foundation is still working to combat this crisis, donating to the Houston Food Bank directly is an easy way to get help immediately where it needs to be.  We know our PA community is always first in line to help; please consider making a direct donation to this worthwhile organization.

Source: New York Times

As many have already heard, an enormous and powerful storm swept through Houston, TX and the surrounding region this past week. This sparked a series of catastrophic flooding, serious damages and injuries, and according to the New York Times and National Weather Service, killed at least 13 people. 

Unfortunately, those affected included some of our PA family. We will be providing weather and produce updates until further notice.

8/29 Weather Update: It's moving, and is offshore. It won't strengthen much offshore. More heavy rain is ahead. There is an end in sight. River flooding will last for days, perhaps weeks.