Keany Produce

For four decades, the Keany family has been serving its customers in ways other produce companies won’t, or can’t. This is the Keany Way – going the extra mile, delivering on every detail.

Keany Produce began in 1978 with a man, a van, and a customer. From that beginning, the tenets of doing business with Keany have been fairness, human consideration and personal attention – whether you were a customer, a grower, or an employee.

Today, Keany customers include high-end restaurants with celebrity chefs, quick-serve chains, exclusive hotels, country clubs, school systems, hospitals, major supermarket groups and gourmet specialty stores. The Keany product line includes not only every variety of fruit and vegetable that can be found, procured and freshly delivered -- but a robust collection of dairy, seasonal, and specialty products as well. Keany offers an unmatched capability to custom prepare items in an endless array of varieties, to meet exacting buyer specifications.


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3310 75th Avenue, 
Landover, MD 20785

3000 Transport Street,
Richmond VA, 23234

Phone: 301.772.3333