Produce Alliance Distributor Redefines Local Food Movement with Freight Farms


November 6, 2015

Produce Alliance, the nation’s leading fresh produce management and procurement company, is excited to announce the implementation of another Freight Farm Growing Operation in conjunction with their member distributor, La Grasso Brothers Produce, out of Detroit, Michigan.

Freight Farms allow for fresh produce to be grown, managed and harvested anywhere, at anytime.  Using innovative farms housed in 40-foot shipping containers equipped with vertical hydroponics, LED lighting, and climate controls that interface with a smartphone app, the company is providing an opportunity to grow fresh food year-round in any geographic location.

Pictured: Freight Farm at LaGrasso Bros. Produce

Pictured: Freight Farm at LaGrasso Bros. Produce

La Grasso Bros. Produce has acquired the first Freight Farm in the state of Michigan and plans to have their first official harvest the week of Thanksgiving.  “The Freight Farms technology helps us control the critical inputs that impact the growth of the baby lettuces,” says Tom LaGrasso III, vice president of operations at Lagrasso Bros. Produce.  “We will be controlling the process from seeding to harvest to shipping to the restaurants.  The lettuces will still be living on the grow moss as we package them so that our customers receive a living product the same day we harvest them.  Thus providing the freshest product possible for our customers.”

“We look forward to vertically integrating with our customers from farm to fork,” says Tom.  “We anticipate this to be a niche product line for our customers that put a premium value on locally grown and sustainable products.  Chefs will have the ability to play with a unique blend of lettuces and greens that have a colorful appearance and distinct flavor profiles with nutty, spicy, and sweet notes.” 

Produce Alliance has plans to expand their network of Freight Farms on a national scale throughout 2016, offering their customers consistent premium local product year round.

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Freight Farms provides the tools and infrastructure that enable fresh food production in any environment. By enabling high-yield crop production in any climate, Freight Farms offer an immediate foundation to grow a local food economy and support a sustainable food system. For more information visit