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Don’t panic: Avocados are set to get a little cheaper

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Great news, everyone: No longer will we have to live in tiny cardboard boxes because we’ve spent all our money on avocado toast.

Now we can upgrade to a larger box.

According to Bloomberg, avocado prices (which, as we know, are currently pretty high) are set to drop any day now.

While previously, farmers were struggling to produce enough avocados to meet demand, trees are now entering the better half of their two year cycle, meaning they’re set to produce more avocados – leading to a drop in price.

This is because avocado trees are alternate-bearing, producing bigger loads of avocados one year, followed by a smaller crop the year after. While 2017 was a small crop year, 2018 will be a big crop season.

Extra rain last winter will help this along even more, meaning farmers are expecting even more avos in the coming months.

More avocados mean lower prices.

Bloomberg explains that there are already signs that change is coming.

The wholesale cost of avocados has dropped more than 6% from last year, and this month there are already more avocado supplies than expected. Hooray.

That doesn’t mean avocados will suddenly become cheaper than Freddos, to be clear. Instead, you won’t see a sharp price hike in the coming months, and may see a slight drop.


‘You’re not going to see 10 avocados for a dollar,’ said Robert Bonghi, a director of procurement and pricing at the Produce Alliance.

Prices in the foreseeable future will stabilize a little, and you won’t see a sharp incline.

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