Produce Alliance's EVP of Sales Joins Freight Farms Advisory Board


Melissa Melshenker Ackerman, Executive Vice President of Sales for Produce Alliance, has joined the Freight Farms Advisory Board.

Freight Farms manufactures the Leafy Green Machine™ container farm, which is capable of growing 100 lbs. of produce per week in any climate or location, and develops the farmhand® software platform for hydroponic growers.

Ms. Ackerman has become a key member of management at Produce Alliance, leading PA, its distributors and its customers in new and innovative directions.  Under her leadership, PA leveraged technology and developed relationships to create boosted sales and creative new programming directions for both existing and new customers.  Ms. Ackerman’s next-generation thinking has also brought PA’s focus more clearly in line with current trends promoting healthful, sustainable, and simple eating. 

When asked about why her role with Freight Farms meshed so well with her vision for Produce Alliance, Ms. Ackerman said,

“Our commitment to sustainability and technological innovation drives so many of the newer initiatives we undertake at PA.  Freight Farms’ technology speaks directly to an ongoing theme are seeing across all markets; a deep interest in promoting local sustainable sources of produce. Freight Farms’ technology provides an easily obtainable, affordable way for communities and businesses to reap the benefits of hyperlocal eating,” 

Ms. Ackerman looks forward to bringing her excitement about the intersection of technology and sustainability to the Freight Farms’ advisory board.

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