PA Next Gen

A group comprised of the Next Generation of growers that focus on     Philanthropy, Culinary Innovation, Sales & Marketing, Procurement & Technology. 

Mission Statement: 

The Produce Alliance (PA) Next Gen is a diverse group of young professionals dedicated to shaping the future trends of Fresh Produce within the Food Service Industry through innovative collaboration and business development.  PA Next Gen aims to sustain the time honored culture, work ethic and vision of the Produce Alliance Network of growers, shippers, distributors, and end user clientele to enhance the produce experience now and for the Next Generation.

The Produce Alliance Network is made up of over 50 specialized distributors and over 150 premium growers, shippers and processors.  Many of the companies within the PA infrastructure are family owned with leaders representing their fourth and fifth generation of growth and success.  Produce Alliance recognized their young professional community as an untapped resource and created Next Gen as a means of driving the industry forward.

We want to hear from you: 

Are you an innovative leader the in Fresh Produce Industry? If so, we would love to hear from you. Contact us at