Stockpot Wines Recipe Recommendations

By: Stephanie Goldfarb, Produce Alliance Corporate Chef

December 21, 2015


Aside from drinking it right from the spout, Stockpot Wines are also perfect to cook with. Whether using them as a base for a sauce or adding a touch of acidity in a rich risotto, Stockpot wines will elevate your dishes and impart the complexity you are looking for in every bite.


The mild crispness of Stockpot White Wine complements desserts, sauces, and reductions. Steaming mussels and other shellfish in Stockpot White with garlic, herbs, fennel, and butter yields a luscious broth that begs to be soaked up by fresh bread. Caramelizing onions until they are melting and deeply browned and then deglazing the pan with White and a touch of sugar produces a rich onion confit, perfect on sandwiches, for smothering roasted meat, or pairing with fresh fruit and cheese on charcuterie boards. One of my favorite palate cleaners uses Stockpot White Wine as the base for an herb granita, loaded with tarragon and fresh raspberries.


Stockpot Wine’s Appellation Red is rich enough to complement roasted meat and nuanced enough to highlight the delicate flavors of produce. Braising beef or lamb in Stockpot Red with onions, carrots, garlic, and veal stock burnishes the meat and provides rich, reducible liquid for sauce. Similarly, mushrooms sautéed deeply and reduced with Stockpot Red produces a gorgeous, complex ragú perfect for adorning pasta. Skinned pears poached in Red with sugar, star anise, and orange peel are visually stunning and delicious paired with vanilla ice cream for a simple dessert. Poaching liquid can be reduced to a sticky, thick syrup poured on top.